Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Year, A Resolution to Start Blogging

I've resisted the blogging bug for a few years now, but with the 2011 Stitching Challenge I decided this would be the easiest way to keep updated on my stitching.  The Stitching Challenge started out as a challenge to start fifteen new cross stitch projects -- one each day from Janaury 1st through January 15th.  I wanted to do this but felt a bit hesitant to do that considering all of the WIPs (Works in Progress) and UFOs (Unfinished Objects) that I have in my stash.  So, I modified the challenge just a bit.  OK, I did start a new project each day from January 1st through 15th, but for the 16th through the 30th, I will be adding a WIP or UFO to my stitching rotation.

My blog will not be limited to cross stitching updates, but might include other things I am interested in or that I am doing, such as:  family updates (we do have a new grandbaby arriving in March, which will bring us up to four grandbabies); quilting, crocheting, reading and anything else I can come up with.

I'll be back soon to update with pictures of my cross stitching so far this year.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I hope I enjoy doing it.

Love in Stitches,



  1. Welcome to blogland, Coleen! Can't wait to see pictures of your stitching, stash, and grandbabies!

  2. Welcome to blogging. I look forward to reading your updates. Love the pictures you have posted so far.

  3. Wow, everything looks great.
    Congrats on the new grandbaby and welcome to the blog world.

  4. Meari, Terri, Katie and Debra -- Thanks. I just thought this would be the easiest was to keep everyone updated on my stitching and other things. Now I just need to figure out how to become a follower of other people's blogs and how to start a list (on the side) of my finished projects and also a list of the books I have read this year and I'm sure there are other things I will add along the way, lol.